July 28th Charitable Chow down is Coming. Here is what you will be Chewing!

Hello all,

First of all thank you very much to all of you who came out last month and supported the Food Pantry and our vendors!  We had a great crowd with some perfect weather and I definitely saw a lot of people chowing down on burgers outside from Doc’s of the Bay.  I know I did, among other foods.  I have to give my award for most exciting food to Frozen Kuhsterd for their PB&J flurry that just blew me away.  It was all the things I love…..in cold kuhsetrd form!

I hope you all get a chance to go out this weekend and get outdoors and enjoy some not too hot weather.  Make sure you definitely burn off some calories this weekend so you are ready to come prepared for a full feast at July 28th’s New Taste Market!  We have a great line up of food and have moved our time later so that you can either come enjoy a nice late lunch or stop on by for an early dinner.  Just be careful your favorite dish isn’t already gone!

Stay tuned this week to our Facebook page and tweets to find out how to win a free meal ticket that gets you any item of your choice from any vendor that day! (Unless they suddenly are giving away cars or caviar….which the latter could happen.)

Until then, enjoy your weekend and browse through this list of vendors to start preparing your ultimate meal.  I can not wait!

Kahnfections ~ Chocolate Chip and also Oatmeal cookies, Callebaut brownies, Red Velvet cake pops and Carrot Cake b/c quote “I know how much you like it!” (you was me there)
Madcasse ~ producing high quality chocolate and vanilla and everything is manufactured in Madagascar
Strong Cheese Provisions ~ Jars of cheese, cheese on bread, and other great provisions of cheese.
Quiche and Carry ~meat and veggie quiches with buttered corn
Boris ~Grilled lamb and bread.  The flavors of the food cart is central asian (former soviet republics)
Succintly Succulents Beautiful plants to take home and enjoy
Harley Richter Meats ~ sausage & charcuterie serving up his very own BLT.   Based out of Berkeley.
Happy Girl Kitchen ~ jams, marmalades, and live culture ferments like sauerkraut and kimchee
Double Dutch Sweets ~ Inspired by the classic Snickers candy bar, our Ramona bar has layers of buttery caramel and honey nougat with roasted peanuts that are hand dipped in single source Venezuelan dark chocolate.
Plumeria Flours  ~ Hawaiian inspired treats, such as Caramel Popcorns in the following flavors:  Bacon, Seaweed, Li-Hing Mui and Hibisicus
GrilledCheezGuy ~7X Nationally winning grilled cheeses but bringing his up and coming homemade spicy dill pickles & zuni zukes!
Old Skool Cafe ~ Nonprofit jazz restaurant from Bayview brings a variety of dishes to our place.
Dang Foods ~ Vincent’s Toasted Coconut Chips, fresh off the boat!
Little Shop Artisan Box ~ A local CSA box of all the local goodies from small artisan vendors like the very ones at our event and many others!
Red Dot Kitchen specialty snacks including Southeast Asian charcuterie
Morsinah’s Noodles noodles with miso-peanut sauce.

Food Truck-O-The Month!

Faultline Pies sweet and savory pies served out of a truck.

Next New Taste Market is July 28th 2-7pm!

Please note the time change.  We are moving it a little later so you can either come for a late lunch or an early dinner……or both!  Stay tuned for a complete vendor list, music line-up, and more announcements for our July market.