Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! 12-5pm

Aunt Kitty’s Kreations – Kitty Myers = Jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, watermelon pickles, & herb-infused wine vinegars

Simply Mochi – Linda Lo = Lemon curd, peanut butter chocolate, taro, strawberry cheesecake, seasonal chocolate-wrapped strawberry mochi, and bacon-wrapped mochi

S+ S Gastro Grub: Simone and Sebastia= a local catering company, specializing in modern interpretations of classic comfort food.

Old Skool Cafe – Joshua Kemble & students = Organic Nicaraguan coffee,  by the pound and brewed.

Two Bites – Mariebeth A. Arca = Mini-quiches and mini-desserts

Confounding Confections –  Artemis = Confounding Confections’ Hard Candies are made with vegan cane sugar, organic tapioca syrup, and natural flavours and colours.

BreadSRLY – Bringing gluten-free and other specialty breads to the market.  I even hear they might make you some grilled cheeses since I will be on the sidelines!

Vickles Pickles– Victor = Handmade cold cured single-barrel pickles made in San Francisco, CA

Sweet Dragon Baking – Hway-ling – Formally Snap Dragon Baking.   Candy–lots of different nut and seed brittles, like black sesame brittle, Day at the Ballpark (peanuts, pretzels, beer, mustard), ginger cashew, and others
Frozen Kuhsterd – Jason – making all kinds of amazing frozen khusterd for the Bay Area
JaBlow’s Meats – Dan – SF Weekly’s food blog SFoodie ranked their pastrami sandwich the #7 best sandwich.  Need I say more?
The Uncommon Pickle – Christian –  These guys don’t just pickle pickles.  They pickle a whole range of tasty veggies for you to enjoy!
Quiche & Carry – Deborah – Making delectable quiches and pies for your enjoyment!
Petit Amuse – Ben – Making artisanal treat boxes for delivery from local makers and bakers!
Kevin and Gail’s Chili Palace – Gail and Kevin Kirst = Chili verde and red vegetarian chili, fresh & frozen
Tina Tamale – Peter and Tina – They are bringing some of their finest meats for you all to enjoy!
Ian – Bringing his coffee that he will be selling and roasting from his upcoming shop in Potrero Hill.  Come try our new neighbor’s wares.
Kahnfections – Judy – confection/pastry/dessert business featuring classic home-style desserts
GrilledCheezGuy – Will be there hosting and chatting and promoting and filming and photo-ing and eating and greeting.  Rumor has it he may even have a secret menu item available.  How? Where? You better follow that crazy man to find out….
FOOD TRUCK OF THE MONTH at New Taste Marketplace:
Doc’s of the Bay – Definitely one of my favorite food trucks in town!  If you haven’t had their burger yet, then you haven’t lived.  Making amazing food from an awesome truck for you all day (and night!)
Come support your local food vendors.   Share your PRIDE all weekend with SF and the New Taste Marketplace June 23rd from 12noon -5pm sharp.
The market will be every third Saturday and wil move to 2-7PM so you can have a late lunch or an early dinner with us!
Questions? Comments? Media? Want to Join?
A big thanks to FunCheapSF for the sponsoring of our event on their site!

Saturday’s PRIDE NTM! We Bless all Bears. And welcome all others.

Just a reminder to all your bears, cubs, wolves, otters, foxes, and every other animal related man and women out there.  We are blessing the bears all day as a celebration of SF PRIDE.  So pull your friend out of hibernation and take him down to St. Gregory’s for some food, some music, and a PRIDEful blessing!

St. Gregory’s Church 500 De Haro Street

12-5pm Saturday June 23rd

(Donations accepted for the Food Pantry and St. Gregory’s at the door)

#NTM is every third Saturday of the month!

New vendors coming!

Like all things they change over time and we have some last minute additions and changes.   It just means different food, different vendor for you all.  Unless of course the vendor you were hopin and prayin and wishin to see is now the one who isn’t there.

As we lead up to this Saturday let us welcome the newest additions to the family:  Tina Tamale and her fine meats as well as Faultline Pies of the East bay!  We lost Strong Cheese, Red Circle Tea & Chile Lindo this round but they vow to return to a market soon!

The music is lined up, the food is all ready, we look forward to seeing all you old and new faces this Saturday!  Note that after this June’s NTM, we will be moving the time back to 2-7PM.



Michael D.

Spotlight on a Vendor: Doc’s of the Bay Truck

Today’s spotlight of a vendor is on our first food truck to join the gang.   Doc’s of the Bay was a fellow food vendor alongside me at Bites OFF Broadway in Oakland.  It didn’t take too long for me to start treading sammies for burgers, fries, and desserts from their delicous truck.  Because of their loyalty to Oakland and Oaktown being my home, our paths crossed often and Zak and his crew never hesitated to hand me a burger wherever I found them.  I felt like a lucky boy each time I saw their beautiful truck parked at some various venue just waiting for me to come say hi to.  When I decided to implement just one food truck per #NTM event, they were the first people I could think of.

Although I’m showing the chicken sandwich, the burger is #1 of all food trucks for me

Doc’s of the Bay is just a little over 1 year old (I was at their bday party!) and have not just been serving delicious food but were also vocal supporters of updating and reforming Oakland’s mobile food laws.  They attended many of the public hearings about the issue and thanks to them and the other loud supporters of the bill, it is now running a multitude of food pods pilots in Oakland, and Doc’s of the Bay is just one of the many food trucks you can find there and all over the bay area.

I encourage to follow them and their passion through Facebook,Twitter, and their website.

Make sure to mark your calendars for June 23rd so you will be able to try them and many other vendors which I will highlight as we near the re-opening of New Taste.  To see a complete list of all the vendors participating in the June 23rd market, just click the May 2012 archives on the right!

Spotlight on a Vendor: Old Skool Cafe

Today’s spotlight of a very special vendor known as Old Skool Cafe.  Old Skool Cafe is not a food cart, nor truck, nor tent.  They are an actual restaurant that just recently opened up in the Bayview district of SF.  Josh Kemble is helping run the non-profit that helps to teach local at-risk youth every aspect of the restaurant world.  I have actually had the opportunity to work alongside the young men and women who work there and it was an honor.  They are all curious and determined to do their part and learn everything they can in the kitchen.  They are not just good at their work, they are also very good at their food and have a wonderful menu for you to go enjoy.

Sometimes the kids bring coffee, sometimes the kids bring more nosh like food to New Taste Market.  No matter what, they always bring a smile to their work and a desire to learn and interact with new people they meet at the market.  Make sure you stop by Old Skool Cafe’s table to find out what the restaurant and young adults are up to and ask them about what they have been learning.

I encourage to follow them and their passion through FacebookTwitter, and their website.

Make sure to mark your calendars for June 23rd so you will be able to try them and many other vendors which I will highlight as we near the re-opening of New Taste.  To see a complete list of all the vendors participating in the June 23rd market, just click the May 2012 archives on the right!

Spotlight On a Vendor: S+S Gastro Grub comes to S F

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our new and old vendors here so that you have a virtual taste of what is to come at the New Taste Market.

First up is Simone and Sebastion of S+S Gastro Grub.  These two recently dived head first into the food world and have yet to slow down.  From hosting their own Pop-Up at Cosecha in Jack London Square to being published in Bay Area Bites, their food has been a delight to anyone who has found them popping up in the bay area.   I have been fortunate enough to be a patron, a volunteer, and most importantly a friend to them both during this time and can not be more excited to see them join the New Taste Market.  Their passion for good food is uncanny amongst my friends.  Their inspiration comes from the many places they frequently dine and yelp about in the area.  My most memorable experience was going to The French Laundry with them and enjoying an unforgettable meal.  They shared a story with me about a previous visit to FL where they planned on going to Ad Hoc after for a second dinner.  Mr. Keller himself happened to overhear this and laugh.  Well it was Simone and Seb that got the last laugh when he actually saw them there a few hours later enjoying some bone marrow.   Not only have they taught me the lesson of second dinners, they have shown me their incredible talents in the kitchen bring a flair of French Laundry with every bite they create.

I encourage to follow them and their passion through Facebook, Twitter, and their website.

Make sure to mark your calendars for June 23rd so you will be able to try them and many other vendors which I will highlight as we near the re-opening of New Taste.