January Line Up


Aunt Kitty's Kreations

Aunt Kitty’s Kreations – Kitty Myers = Jams, jellies, marmelades, chutneys, relishes, watermelon pickles, & herb-infused wine vinegars (pictured)

Blissful Pastries – Tracy Chung and Nancy Chin = handmade vegetarian Chinese traditional puff pastries with sweet and savory options

Nosh This– Kai Kronfield = Bacon Crack, Rocky Road and more

Butter Love Bakeshop – Esa Yonn-Brown = Sweet and savory pies

Simply Mochi – Linda Lo = Lemon curd, peanut butter chocolate, taro, strawberry cheesecake, seasonal chocolate-wrapped strawberry mochi, and bacon-wrapped mochi

Red Circle Tea – Sina Carroll = Artisan,  traditionally processed tea from China and Taiwan

Sodacraft – Jesse Friedman = handmade seasonal fermented sodas

Faerie Goatmother– Julianne Bonnet = all natural organic goats’ milk soap and face masks

Nucha Empanadas – Laura Blacona = Argentine empanadas

Confounding Confections – Artemis Decco = all-natural gourmet hard candy: orange marmalade, chai spice and tea with lemon

Ooh La La Lumpia – Elisa Garibay = Hand-rolled organic roasted poblanos, black beans, and cumin spiced beef lumpia

Old Skool Cafe – Joshua Kemble & students = Organic Nicaraguan coffee,  by the pound and brewed.

Dang Food – Vincent Kitirattragarn = Toasted coconut chips

Two Bites – Mariebeth A. Arca = Mini-quiches and mini-dessert

Snapdragon Baking Co. – Hway-ling Hsu = Various flavors of brittle, including ginger peanut, cashew, pumpkin seed, black sesame, coconut cashew  and wasabi pea

Hey Hey Gourmet – Ellen Romano = gourmet spice blends for cooking and dipping

Kevin and Gail’s Chili Palace – Gail and Kevin Kirst = Chili verde and red vegetarian chili, fresh & frozen

Grain Sweet – Caroline Gilchist  = All natural, nutty, chewy candy bars sweetened with locally grown, mineral rich brown rice