July Vendor Line Up

Hey, it’s summer! Come on by New Taste Marketplace on Saturday, July 16th, Noon-5pm…check out this great lineup of new and favorite vendors:

Tutmak Coffee


Tutmak Coffee– Matt and T. L. Lipner = Small-batch, whole bean, organic coffee (pictured)

Frozen Kuhsterd – Jason Angeles = All natural and organic when possible Frozen Custard

Gluttony Catering – Heather Boyd = Wild game tacos

Indie Cakes & Pastries– Anastasia Widiarsih = Parisian macaroons and fruit pies

Fog Hill Granola – Tricia McCarthy =Apricot ginger and cranberry orange granola

Ruby’s Oats – Ruby = all-natural oatmeal with  flavors including salted caramel peanut and blackberry

Dragotto Family Foods – Eileen Dragotto = Sicilian-style cracked green olives

Sugar and Swine – Joan Lee = Bacon caramel corn

Dandelion Chocolate – Alice Nystrom = Dark chocolate bars

Aunt Kitty’s Kreations – Kitty Myers = Jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys, relishes, watermelon pickles, & herb-infused wine vinegars

Tart Mama – Angela Lazarich = Sweet & savory tarts, European cookies & cakes

Peter’s Sausage – Peter Gardner = Whiskey-apple chicken, Italian chicken, cheese bratwurst, and merguez lamb sausage;  sliders and cheesy brats

OD on Sweets – Stacie Low = flavored rice krispy treats including Neapolitan, cookies & cream, salted brown butter, and chocolate peanut butter

SFQ– Michele Manfredi = Chilled Raw Corn Salad with SFQ Vinaigrette and the original San Francisco barbecue sauce

Muse Chocolatier – Marcella Dirks = Organic, fair-trade, vegan, artisan chocolates

Soda Craft– Jesse Friedman = Ginger ale and stone fruit sucker punch

Nute’s Cupcakes – Nute Chulasuwan = Thai green curry over rice or noodles; mini-cupcakes with a touch of Asian flair

3141 Pie – Sascha Benjamin Cohen = A variety of  artisan pies

Snapdragon Baking Co. – Hway-ling Hsu = Various flavors of brittle, including ginger peanut, cashew, pumpkin seed, black sesame, coconut cashew, ginger cashew, and wasabi pea

Dehesa Foods Edward Lekwart = home-cured sausage, paté, pancetta, charcuterie and various pork products

Desperation Bakehouse– Steven Feuer = Shirt-pocket pies (hand-held sweet and savory pies)

Old Skool Cafe – Joshua Kemble & Students = Organic Nicaraguan coffee (whole bean and liquid brew)

Simply Mochi – Linda Lo = Lemon curd, peanut butter chocolate, taro, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate-wrapped strawberry mochi, and bacon-wrapped mochi

Kevin and Gail’s Chili Palace– Gail and Kevin Kirst = Chili verde

Butter Love Bakeshop – Esa Yonn-Brown = Sweet and savory pies

Sinfullchef – Frances Brooks = Chicken and tri-tip sandwiches, bacon bourbon jam

Pachamama Cookery – Maggie Weber-Striplin and Carmen Figueroa = Vegan and vegetarian pierogies

Jablow’s Meats — Dan Jablow = Hormone-free smoked meat and cold cuts

Faerie Goatmother– Julianne Bonnet = Goat cheeses, including chevre and bocaccini (marinated mozzarella balls), chevre cheesecake, goat milk soap

Baia Pasta – Dario Barbone & Renato Sardo = Artisanal organic brass-extruded pasta

Red Circle Tea – Sina Carroll = Traditionally processed tea from China and Taiwan

Churn – Andrea Barton-Elson = Homemade, lightly salted and flavored butters and buttermilk

CocoTutti– Elyce Zahn = Chocolates and caramels

Nosh This – Kai Kronfield = Bacon Crack, Rocky Road and more

Nana Joes– Michelle Pusateri = Granolas, including cashew white peach, orange cardamon walnut, and pecan mulberry coconut

Pierogi SF– Ben Dudek = Traditional potato & onion Polish dumplings

Vickles Pickles– Victor Lieuw = Spicy garlic dill pickles, spicy garlic dill sweet plum pickles and kimchi

Toffeeology~English Toffee – Erin Fleming = Pure, locally handcrafted English toffee made from a fourth- generation family recipe

Two Bites – Mariebeth A. Arca = Mini quiches and mini desserts

Damn Fine Bacon – Stephen Pocock = Bacon, chili oil and smoked skin

Dora’s Kitchen – Dora Garcia = Cookies, cupcakes and pies

Jade Chocolates– Mindy Fong = Chocolates blended with teas and spices from Asia and the Pacific Islands

Green Hollow Preserves – Rishiraj Das = Small-batch seasonal pickles, pickled vegetables, chutneys and jams

Siren SeaSa – Anna Larsen = seafood subscription service that sources only the finest sustainably caught local seafood