New Taste Wins SF Weekly Best of 2011

Read all about it: New Taste Marketplace wins Best One Stop Shopping for DIY Eats.

Thanks to the SF Weekly, and all our supporters who agree that “eating local never felt so right.”

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A delicious way to support the community

May Vendor Line Up

We’re excited to announce the list of brand-new and favorite food vendors for New Taste Marketplace on Saturday, May 14, from Noon-5pm.

Come taste it all! St. Gregory’s Church, 500 DeHaro  in Potrero Hill.

Red Circle Tea

Red Circle Tea – Sina Carroll = Artisan, sustainable, traditionally processed tea from China and Taiwan (pictured)

Jade Chocolates – Mindy Fong = Artisan chocolates blended with teas and spices from Asia and the Pacific Islands

Faerie Goatmother – Julianne Bonnet = Goat cheese: chevre and bocaccini (marinated mozzarella balls), chevre cheesecake, goat milk soap

Dandelion Chocolate – Alice Nystrom = Dark chocolate bars

Dahesa Foods – Edward Lekwart = artisan sausage, paté, pancetta, charcuterie and various pork products

SFQ – Michele Manfredi = SFQ duck confit nachos, and the original San Francisco barbecue sauce

Soda Craft – Jesse Friedman = Ginger ale and smoked strawberry-vanilla soda

Nute’s Cupcakes – Nute Chulasuwan = Gourmet mini-cupcakes with a touch of Asian flair

Morgan’s Menu – Morgan Lee = Hawaiian baked goods (custard mochi and manju with adzuki beans) and hibicus iced tea

Peter’s Sausage – Peter Gardner = Whiskey-apple chicken sausage, Italian chicken sausage, cheese bratwurst, and Merguez lamb sausage; sliders and cheesy brats to eat on the spot

Muse Chocolatier – Marcella Dirks = Organic, fair-trade, vegan artisan chocolates

Snapdragon Baking Co. – Hway-ling Hsu = Various flavors of brittle:  ginger peanut, cashew, pumpkin seed, black sesame, coconut cashew, ginger cashew and wasabi peas

Mission GastroClub – Neil Davidson and Eric Denman = Smoked pork shoulder with savory strawberry risotto

3 Olives and a Pickle – Cheryl Hendrickson = Local honey, French vanilla fries, Gimme S’More sliders and Southwest cupcakes

3141 Pie – Sascha Benjamin Cohen = A variety of artisanal pies using sustainable ingredients

Saucy Dumplings – Michael P. Lee = Traditional veggie, pork, and yam dumplings

Charlittles: Little Cookies, Lotta Taste – Charlotte Tanaka = Artisan cookies and sweets

Old Skool Cafe – Joshua Kemble & Students = Organic Nicaraguan coffee (whole bean to take away and liquid brew to enjoy at the market)

Good Foods Catering – Dontaye Ball = BLT with tomato jam and spicy mayo; BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken sandwiches

Vickles Pickles – Victor Lieuw = Spicy garlic-dill pickles, spicy garlic-dill/sweet plum dill pickles and kimchi

Three Little Birds Bakery – Elizabeth Shapiro = Whoopie pies

Monchi Foods – Mona Sullivan = Korean kimchi tamales: organic chicken and kimchi, organic tofu and kimchi (vegan)

Butter Love Bakeshop – Esa Yonn-Brown = savory and sweet pies

Kevin and Gail’s Chili Palace – Gail and Kevin Kirst = Chili verde, fresh and frozen

Simply Mochi – Linda Lo = Lemon curd, peanut butter-chocolate, taro, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate-wrapped strawberry, and bacon-wrapped mochi

A Humble Plate – Rathsamee Ly = Laotian-inspired savory street food

Dolls Kitchen – Kathy Higgs = Rugelach and mandelbrot

Meat Baller – Kat Illera = Meatball (pork/beef/spinach) and mushroom-ball sandwiches in tomato-basil sauce

FingerSweets – Amy Wolff = Gourmet mini-cupcakes

Pachamama Cookery – Maggie Weber-Striplin and Carmen Figueroa = Pierogies, vegan and vegetarian

Lilajay’s Bakery – Lila Akhzar = Ridiculously good gluten-free brownies & sugar cookies

Jablow’s Meats – Dan Jablow = Organic, pasture-raised, hormone-free smoked meat and cold cuts, deli meats; BLTs featuring homemade five-spice powder bacon

Pleasure My Sweet Tooth – Cheryl and Ashleigh = cake pops, caramels, and cookies

Tutmak Coffee – Matt and T. L. Lipner = Small-batch, whole bean, organic coffee

Kotsina – Oliver Austria = fresh and flavored banana chips: plain, smoked/bbq, caramel

Soft Gold Ghee – Ryan Dematteo = Handmade ghee cooked from organic, grass-fed McClelland’s Petaluma Dairy butter

The Nutless Professor – Susie Wyshak = Gluten- and nut-free black rice cheddar crunch caramels with black rice and black rice crunch mix

Nana Joes – Michelle Pusateri = Granola in cashew white peach, orange cardamon walnut, and pecan mulberry coconut flavors

Baia Pasta – Dario Barbone & Renato Sardo = Artisanal pasta

Nosh This – Kai Kronfield = Bacon Crack, Rocky Road and other artisanal sweets

De Humo Mexican BBQ – Molly Raney = Pulled pork sandwiches